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Black Panther is filled with so much magic and it makes my heart soar with pride - Mallori Symone

Black Panther is filled with so much magic and it makes my heart soar with pride

Last night I attended a private screening for Black Panther, which officially came out today.  The excitement that this movie fueled for over a year’s time was warranted and the outcome was absolutely phenomenal.  There is so much to say but at the core, my spirit is full, free, and absolutely pleased with this masterpiece that was created.

I went to the theatre last night knowing I would see other attendees dressed in their best African-inspired garments.  Everywhere I looked I saw headwraps, dashikis, afros, locs and faux locs, Black Panther themed tees, and even Coming to America cosplay all throughout the night.  You can’t outdo black people and when it comes to entertainment and how we celebrate joy and excitement, we take the cake, every time.

This movie was timely, will be timeless, and extremely necessary.  In a current social climate where black people are “claiming our time” time and time again and using avenues such as social media, multimedia, politics, and entertainment to do it, Black Panther is the epitome of black excellence and the esteemed power of blackness that we should all pay attention to, absorb, and share with our family and friends!


There are few very strong components in this movie that I absolutely adored. Let’s get into them.

  1. The Characters

All of the characters were extremely well casted. From T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) to Okoye (Danai Gurira) to N’Jobu (Sterling K. Brown) to Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) to Ramonda (Angela Bassett), this star-studded cast was poignant, precise, and absolutely beautiful.  The beauty is another point I want to address but the character arrangement itself was amazing in this movie.

there was so much beauty within these characters that I nearly became distracted watching this movie. Whew! We are so fine.


  1. The Beauty

Aside from the beauty of the characters, which was amazing at best and a little nerve-wrecking at worst (everyone in the movie was so beautiful and physically appealing that I became so fixated on their looks and I tuned the movie out a couple of times – I was so distracted!), the beauty of the film itself was magnificent!  I know very little about cinematography, but I do have an eye for art.  The way each scene was shot, from the scenes of the land of Wakanda (those mountains?! Goodness!) to the tech and CGI shots and the close up scenes of the characters, everything took my breath away in a way I was totally unprepared for.

I need an adult. These men are gorgeous. Whew.


There were some really captivatingly beautiful scenes in this movie. The land of Wakanda and the mountains were some of the most breathtaking scenes I’ve ever seen.

  1. The Representation

Obviously this movie is very black.  Peak blackness.  Blackness and black pride personified.  The representation in this movie is important for this time period as we shout out “black lives matter”, “black girl magic” and “black boy joy” in efforts to remind ourselves and others of how important we are to this country and this WORLD, et al, Black Panther shows us in real life how essential we are as a collective in a world where we are constantly told that we are less than.  The actors being from so many parts of Africa, also aided in the strong character development of this film which also strengthened the representation overall.


The power of black women is really strong in this movie.

  1. The Need of the Black Woman

In my last blog, I wrote on the love of the black woman, and Black Panther fully supports the things I said in that post as well. Black Panther, with loving characters such as Nakia, warrior beauties like Okoye, supportive mothers like Ramonda, and essential puzzles to the overall goals for changes like Shuri, we are shown that black women are queens, lovers, fighters, teachers, supporters, and guards – ready to fight to the death and give our all, no matter the cost, because that is the type of woman we are.  Black women are the best.  We are the best.


We are badass warriors.


We are supportive and loving.


We are protective mothers.

If you haven’t made plans to see it already, please support Black Panther.  I saw it last night and might see it again sometime this weekend.  This movie is so important and it is phenomenally made in every way.  From the casting, to the acting, to the visuals and effects, fight scenes, and the overall messages of the movie, Black Panther is a hands-down must see! Let’s try to make this film break through all of the Box Office settings and set a new Box Office record overall! It is worth the expensive ticket and popcorn fees.  It is worth these fees TWICE! Please don’t be lazy and bootleg this film.  Support support support!!!

One comment on “Black Panther is filled with so much magic and it makes my heart soar with pride”

  1. Shaun says:

    Black woman cane all the way through in this one. Great piece. I am still so over the top about the way the black women were portrayed. His little sister was amazing. Can’t say enough great hints about Black Panther.

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