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The Love of the Black Woman - Mallori Symone

The Love of the Black Woman

We, black women, are uniquely created.  For most of us, our hearts are the biggest parts of our beings. We love the hardest and with the most fervor and strength.  Our love moves mountains and answers prayers.  With our love, we have helped to convince a nation to vote its very first black president, stood on the front lines towards seeking justice for our brothers and sisters during segregated times, and helped to physically move our (now ancestral) brothers and sisters from the bondages of slavery and captivity. Our love has also helped to warm the hearts of others that were riddled in doubt, despair, and distrust.  We have helped to start whole educational systems in this country that were powered and run by black men and women and helped to create a culture that is rooted in pure and accurate education, protection, rooted and founded on the importance of faith and family, and….love.  The love of the black woman is pure, unmoving, and incomparable.   The love of the black woman is immeasurable wealth.

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Black Women, the way we love is also dangerous, most especially to ourselves.  We love in unnerving amounts, often to our own detriment.  We love with blind eyes and full hearts.  And it is because of this that we love so unconditionally that we also do not always make the best choices.  Our love is so strong and so unbreakable that we give with 150% of ourselves, not realizing the person we love may only be giving 50% of their own love bank back.  In love, we are the food on the table after your hard day’s work (even though we had a hard day ourselves).  We are the reminders of your big and important meeting and the pep squad for the interview you have coming up.  We are the stay up and help you with your paper, or even write the paper for you while you get your rest because you have an early day ahead.  We are the mirrors and your reflection to show off to your friends, family, and sometimes your foes.  We are the carriers, the birthers, the nurturers, the mothers.

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“[We] love so much we hurt ourselves” That is a line that I wrote in a poem a really long time ago and I had it planned to have it as a tattoo on myself.  Being a Libra, I am wholly a “lover” type.  While I don’t tend to wear my heart on my sleeves, I am a deeply emotional and fully nurturing woman and I mirror that emotional space of many other black women as well. Strong and resilient, we stand by our family, friends, and everything that we love. We are remarkably loyal.


We are sisters.  The Love of the Black Woman embodies sisterhood and community.  We take up for and shield our sisters with everything we can.  Our sisters are not always solely our blood sisters either.  These sisters extend far past kinship and into the depths that skinship bring. The Love of the Black Woman means providing an ear for our girl that has been going thru a tough time, celebrating the wins of our sister who got that new promotion, uplifting our girl that is tugging along and almost there.  We see your effort girl and we know she sees ours too. The Love of the Black Woman is endlessly supportive, loving, giving, and…………there.


What I love about black women aside from the way we love is how absolutely strong we are.  I fully believe that black women are thee strongest people on the planet.  Stronger than even men, we have a strength that men cannot match.  Where men are usually intolerant to cheating, disloyalty, and the common cold, the black woman harnesses the power of forgiveness, the importance of honor, and general immunity of sickness.  We are the strongest.  We are the best.

In business, since we are considered “the bottom rung” in society, we tend to push thru societal perceptions and create benchmarks for ourselves that we not only meet but surpass to create personal accomplishments which can breed into opportunities and generational wealth along the line.  It is very important for the black woman to be educated and have a professional pedigree of some sort that she can be proud of.


In short, black women are courageous, intelligent, multi-faceted, lovers, fighters, warriors, healers, creators, thinkers, the backbone, the partners, the better halves.  There is nothing like the black woman. The love of the Black Woman is to be acknowledged, cherished, nourished, and appreciated.  The Love of the Black Woman will never cease.  It will grow and be passed on for centuries to come. Of the Sun, the Love of the Black Woman will continue to warm, cultivate, and inspire the hearts and the spirits of everyone she touches.


Happy Black History Month

One comment on “The Love of the Black Woman”

  1. Jay says:

    Brilliant! I love everything you said (minus the part about being stronger than men). I believe that our strengths are different, and unique, and we should value them, not compare them as if we’re in a contest against each other.

    We compliment each other. We are the ultimate partnership.

    I love all women, but especially black women, for what they stand-for, and represent. Their plight is unique, ever-changing and ongoing.

    We as men do have to learn to love our women better…

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