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Bookshare: The Wedding and Disaster of Felona Mabel, by Kenn Bivins - Mallori Symone

Bookshare: The Wedding and Disaster of Felona Mabel, by Kenn Bivins

It’s been a little while since I have read a book of fiction and I am so glad that I did.  Last month, while traveling for work in Atlanta, I met Kenn Bivins, who gifted me with a copy of his best-seller,“The Wedding and Disaster of Felona Mabel”. I was intrigued by the cover, the artwork, its pages, and once opened and skimmed through—its short chapters!

In summation, the story is about a woman, Felona Mabel, who is the product of rape by a white man. Raised by her black mother who spends her life angry and abusive towards her, their relationship is strained and stressed and until her mother’s health suddenly declines, they haven’t spoken in over 8 years.  In fact, Felona has a comfy life as a news reporter, an Italian fiancé with a wedding to plan, and a life of faux promise and happiness ahead of her.  Once her mother’s health declines, everything turns upside down from elements of her past to her relationship with her fiancé. Felona spends a great deal of time not knowing which way is up and everything happens so quickly and in a blink of an eye, tables shift and things are never as simple as they once were.


I really enjoyed this book for its endless suspense. From beginning to end, I was left turning the pages in anticipation wanting to know what would happen next with Felona, her fiancé, her friendships, and her enemies.

One of my favorite elements of the story was the names of Felona’s mother’s cats.  They were all named after black revolutionaries and important people – from Booker T Washington to Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. I loved this element of paying homage to our historical figures.

Why this book is important?

This story is important because it showcases the issues that can envelop within the dynamic of a mother and her daughter as well as the intricate details of an intimate relationship that may appear picture perfect on the outside but on the inside is riddled with flaws, selfishness, infidelity, and uncertainty.  This book takes a closer look and explores the importance and power of forgiveness, true friendship, and recognizing real love from the love that we believe we have based on superficial parts.


So what’s next?

Bivins is working on a sequel to the budding Felona Mabel series as well as a movie! There is so much in store for this book and I can’t wait to read the next installation!


To order your copy, you can find the book here and here via Amazon!

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