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Black Panther is filled with so much magic and it makes my heart soar with pride

Last night I attended a private screening for Black Panther, which officially came out today.  The excitement that this movie fueled for over a year’s time was warranted and the outcome was absolutely phenomenal.  There is so much to say but at the core, my spirit is full, free, and absolutely pleased with this masterpiece […]

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Chance the Rapper and Chicago – One of Our Own

Chance the Rapper is quickly becoming one of my favorite people.  From the beginning, he’s made Prince-like moves with regards to the relationships he has formed within the music industry all the way up to his political stance (encouraging people to vote and even hosting a free concert which immediately followed a rally to the […]

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Black Pride: Black Podcasts to Add to Your Queue

In the last couple of years, the rise of podcasts has been exponential on the part of black-owned and centered work.  Now more than ever, black radio shows have been hitting the e-waves, taking up the work commute of their listeners, and making their voices known and wide in the internet radio scene.   Below […]

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Black Pride: The Most Inspiring Black Women Entrepreneurs

As a fellow entrepreneur, I am always on the look out to see what other black entrepreneurs and self-made women are doing.  It is a habit of study, ritual, and inspiration that I get from watching the work of other women in my field and in other fields as we silently and even loudly chug […]

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