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We May Need to Talk About What Victimhood Means

Every time there is a domestic violence case in the media of some sort, onlookers oftentimes have the same types of questions.  These questions include: Why won’t she leave, then? What did she do to him to make him react the way he did? She hasn’t left, so she must like it. Doesn’t she think […]

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Kenneka Jenkins and the Glaringly Obvious Rape Culture That Followed

It’s taken me a while to talk about this because I wanted to make sure that I gave myself the time I needed to process it. I have to admit that everything about this case has bothered me, but I can’t sit down without talking about the importance of rape culture education here. A few […]

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Why Domestic Violence and Rape Allies should Listen More and Talk LESS!

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness month and I really wanna talk about how to treat victims, survivors, and about triggers overall. The other day, I shared Damon’s VSB post on nate parker and mentioned that I would not be supporting The Birth of a Nation, which released yesterday. There were various responses that came from that, […]

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Rose, Rape, and Teaching Grown People the Definition of Consent

  Although I am an advocate for both domestic violence awareness and rape culture education, I must admit that I absolutely do not enjoy talking about it. Many times the topic and cases used to teach are very triggering which produce anger and negative thoughts and feelings but still, I am determined to educate people […]

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The Epidemic We Never Wanna Talk About — Domestic Violence…..

Many people may or may not know that I am a child survivor of domestic violence as well as a domestic violence survivor in relationship abuse.  Because of this, I rally especially hard for domestic violence awareness and rape culture education. A couple of statistics as posted on: Black females experienced intimate partner violence […]

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