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The Presidential Debate is Clown Shoes!

Tonight, as I watched the second Presidential Debate featuring moderators, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC News’ Martha Raddatz conducting the debate of presidential hopefuls Senator Hillary Clinton and media’s human orangutan donald trump, one thing became abundantly clear: This debate (and the entire election cycle, for that matter) is clown shoes. It is a perpetual […]

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Why Domestic Violence and Rape Allies should Listen More and Talk LESS!

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness month and I really wanna talk about how to treat victims, survivors, and about triggers overall. The other day, I shared Damon’s VSB post on nate parker and mentioned that I would not be supporting The Birth of a Nation, which released yesterday. There were various responses that came from that, […]

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My Spirit is Weary: #TerenceCrutcher and the Never-Ending Hashtags

Another day, another #hashtag.  I write this piece at the brink of a cold. I’ve got a slight fever, headache, a little dizziness, runny nose, and on-again off-again fatigued that has plagued me for much of the day. Last weekend, I was away on business in Atlanta and all of last night as I boarded […]

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Rose, Rape, and Teaching Grown People the Definition of Consent

  Although I am an advocate for both domestic violence awareness and rape culture education, I must admit that I absolutely do not enjoy talking about it. Many times the topic and cases used to teach are very triggering which produce anger and negative thoughts and feelings but still, I am determined to educate people […]

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Our POTUS and FLOTUS on Essence October

There are very few couples in the spotlight that I am profoundly proud of and our POTUS & FLOTUS Barack and Michelle Obama are at the top of that list.   Just look at them.  They are perfection personified and when Essence dropped their latest issue of Essence, I must admit that my heart skipped […]

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Passive Passages for the Careless Caucasian

Last week, digital media outlets everywhere (from the blogs to all of social media to every news outlet all over the country) went into a frenzy all because Colin Kaepernick of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers decided to sit during the National Anthem.  His decision to sit down was entirely purposeful and the end results […]

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The Epidemic We Never Wanna Talk About — Domestic Violence…..

Many people may or may not know that I am a child survivor of domestic violence as well as a domestic violence survivor in relationship abuse.  Because of this, I rally especially hard for domestic violence awareness and rape culture education. A couple of statistics as posted on: americanbar.org: Black females experienced intimate partner violence […]

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