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Accountability and Why It Is Necessary When Setting Goals - Mallori Symone

Accountability and Why It Is Necessary When Setting Goals

Personal and professional accountability are very important when it comes to goal-setting and reaching.  The preparatory steps that it takes to achieve a goal, especially large business or personal goals should include a person in your corner that also has your best interest in mind and believes in you fully. Without accountability and someone to periodically nudge us and keep us on our toes, we have a greater chance of talking ourselves OUT of our goals, procrastinating and straying from our otherwise very reasonable deadlines, and out and out, not getting those goals achieved at all.

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This is why an accountability partner is beneficial and necessary:

  1. Accountability Partners help to keep you on TASK

The mind literally has a way of talking itself out of our goals and desires just as quickly as it does with talking ourselves into them.  An accountability partner will be that person that keeps your mind focused on what it is you’ve set out to do and helps you stay on task! No slacking off here.  We aint got time for that!


  1. Accountability Partners enforce RESPONSIBILITY

If you say you’re going to do something by a certain deadline or a certain time, your accountability partner will be the one in the corner keeping track of your progress and nudging you when needed. If you make a mistake or fail to reach your deadline for reasons that are within your control, your partner will be there to make sure that you are responsible for what’s happened and will check you to make sure that you don’t make said mistake again, or at the very least, learn from said mistake.


  1. Accountability Partners help to establish a TRUSTING RELATIONSHIP

As with any relationship, there needs to be trust. An accountability partner will help you to put your faith and trust into another person outside of yourself as it pertains to your goals. This is great because building trust is the cornerstone of any positive relationship.  If you can trust someone with your personal or professional goals, chances are –you radiate positive energy onto those goals as well, which makes them easier to meet!


  1. Having an accountability partner heightens MOTIVATION

Any goal—professionally or personally—needs motivation to see it thru.  With an accountability partner, you will be kept motivated because as the saying goes—no man is an island. You aren’t alone, you’ve got someone by your side, and that person by your side wants to see your goals thru just as much as you do! That makes for a very motivating frame of mind!


  1. Having an accountability partner inspires FRIENDLY COMPETITION

If your accountability partner is in your field and you serve as EACH OTHER’S accountability partners, there will likely be some competition between you two.  However, because you both want to see the other succeed, this competition will be friendly in nature and even playful.  Healthy competition is great because it pushes the envelope on those goals, your plans, the approach taken to reach those goals, and your overall mindset.  It’s a win-win situation!


An accountability partner can be a spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, paid coach or consultant, family member, or friend that you trust and that knows what you are trying to accomplish.  You can have more than one accountability partner that you defer to and you can also be their accountability partner as well, to form a give and take flowing relationship in this way.

An accountability partner should be a person that you trust, can defer to quickly on things around your goals you are trying to achieve, and one that can give you sound advice and inspiration as well.  You should be able to bounce topics and ideas off of your accountability partner and expect sound and helpful direction and advice on those ideas as well. Ideally, your accountability partner should be a person that is within the same boat as you are with respect to goals and goal setting and it is a greater bonus to have a partner that has relative experience in whatever goal you are trying to achieve.  For example, if you are trying to clear your debt and raise your credit score, you should have an accountability partner that is not only knowledgeable in finance and credit health, but also one that has great credit as well.

If your accountability partner is not in your field, it doesn’t mean that they can’t serve well as the one to help hold you accountable.  They can serve as a great cheerleader and can also help you think of ideas that can help you reach your goals.  Cheerleaders are not bad aspects to your goal setting and achieving, but try not to make your accountability partner’s purpose only good for rooting you on. You need someone that will help keep you in line, focused, and motivated as well.


Check out this book on the topic: The 85% Solution: How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success — No Nonsense, No Excuses! by Linda Galindo

85 percent

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