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How to Be a Better Accountability Partner - Mallori Symone

How to Be a Better Accountability Partner

Being accountable of ourselves is so important but how do we help to be accountable for other people or help our friends be accountable for themselves, their goals, and their deadlines, whether they meet them or fall short?

It’s important to understand how to be there for others while also keeping your focus tied to what you are doing.

Below are some very helpful ways to be a better accountability partner overall while still maintaining your own organization over your goals and plans:



  1. Check On Others

If you know someone is trying to meet a goal, be it weight loss or an important business goal, checking on them every now and again for an update on their progress would work wonders for their own accountability of self and their self-esteem as a whole.  When we know we have people in our corner supporting us in our journey, we are definitely apt to keep up with our plans and goals and have a better attitude while doing it as well.


  1. Share Something They Could Use

What good is success if you’re not sharing your wins and resources with others? While I definitely believe in hiring a consultant where needed for your business and personal brands (I am a professional brand manager and business consultant, so trust, I get it), knowing how to build your own credibility by offering value-packed resources is especially important.  If you see someone that can use that marketing intel or that resource that could help them reach their weight loss or fitness goals, why not share it?  Becoming a person that is resourceful includes sharing those resources and being a person that others can count on in various ways.


  1. Support! Support! Support!

If your friend or family member is a singer, a painter, or a baker or basket maker or whatever…..take the time to support their endeavors.  Sure you may not need to purchase from them every single time they have something going on or every event they are featured in but support beyond a social media share goes a long way.  While it can and will take a new entrepreneur a while to adopt the “I don’t require my friends and family to support me” mentality, there are still so many that need this support.  When a person starts on their entrepreneurship journey, their first supporters are usually their friends and family.  Support – real viable support- happens with money and connection building.  Buy a painting from your artist friend and hook them up with another friend you have that is currently in the process of making home renovations.  Order a cake from your baker friend and tell your sister that is throwing a birthday party for her child soon about your baker friend’s dessert catering options.  Buy that book from your author cousin and tell the world about how wonderful the book is and make sure as many of your friends can buy it too. Support with your wallet and tell the world of their works.

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  1. Offer to Help

Ask what you can do to help your friend or family member reach their goals.  If they are trying to lose weight, can you help them form a meal plan? Refer them to a trainer? Work out with them? What can you do to actually help with their goals?  Remember: everyone can use a bit of support in some way.  It all goes a long way.


  1. Be a Person that People Can Count On

So you’re supportive and you offer help but can you be trusted? Can you be counted on for the venting, the challenges, and the eventual “tough parts” of the struggle of entrepreneurship and/or personal goal reaching? If you can be counted on for an ear for support without judgment, trust me – you’re already an excellent accountability partner.  This step goes an incredibly long way and costs you nothing but a little time and compassion.


So there you have it!  Five relatively easy and simple ways to be a better accountability partner to the ones close to you as they endure their journeys in their personal and professional lives. These tips will also help you in your own goals in an indirect way, as helping others helps us from the inside out!

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