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How To: Use Social Media to Sprout Business Opportunities - Mallori Symone

How To: Use Social Media to Sprout Business Opportunities

*Below is an article that I penned for Empire Life Magazine last year as a Contributor. Enjoy!*

So you have a business and you would like to use social media to increase your visibility, your market and your overall net worth? Awesome! Below are some helpful tips to make sure you are doing things in a way that benefits your brand and adds value to your business and your pockets:


Being consistent in your brand development is the key to brand identification. On social media, you should be a consistent member of the internet. This includes posting consistently and frequently on your chosen method of social media, from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, or all three! Your followers and friends should always expect you to post, even if the posts are brief, on something pertaining to your brand idenfication—even if you are the face of more than one brand! There are also auto-post programs that can help you to schedule posts on all of your social media platforms while you are out being awesome and taking over the world!


Social media refers to interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks


You do not have to flood your followers timelines exclusively with ads on the sale or special you are having at the time to strengthen the content direction of your posts. You should also talk about things that pertain to your brand but that may not be about your business directly. For example, I pride myself on having a business that uses all –natural ingredients and that values health-conscious desserts. In my posts, I can be spotted talking about natural remedies to the common cold, methods of relaxation, massage therapy, stores that have the best all natural ingredients, natural hair products, and why honey is one of my favorite things on earth. None of these topics directly coincide with my business, but they make up my brand. Thus, my brand is strengthened because of association.

Group of Business People with Social Media Concept

Collaborate with others in a related field

Uplifting other brands while also adding value to your own brand is always a win-win situation. By doing this, you increase your brand visibility and you show your current and potential customers and clients that you work well with others. It is extremely important to build relationships and partnerships that add value to your brand and your bottom line—your sales! Collaborating is a great way to do this!


Align yourself with causes online

Other than your business, what are you passionate about? Is there a global or national issue that piques your interest? If so, join a cause that you can support online. When you show that while you are about your business, you are also a charitable being, you open the floodgates to another market of clientele and customers that never stop giving in an effort to support your cause! Yet another win-win!


Attend events that have a large online following

Visibility, visibility, visibility! You want to be seen and you want your brand to be known! Sign up for events where your event can shine on
its own because the following and participation level is huge! Make sure you pick events that align with your brand in some way. So for instance, if you are a business that sells Malaysian and Brazilian hair weave, it may not be the best choice to try to be a vendor at an all-natural hair event!

All in all, it is important to remember to keep your brand in mind when it comes to being on social media. Always keep a positive image on social media, because as the fact of your brand, you are always being watched!

**If you are a small business owner or personal brand and would like to learn more about the effectiveness of social media marketing for your own brand/business, check out my media management and consultancy firm HERE! Chat with you soon!**

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