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Make Your Client Experience Easy - 4 Digital Invoicing Systems That Aim to Make Your Job Easier - Mallori Symone

Make Your Client Experience Easy — 4 Digital Invoicing Systems That Aim to Make Your Job Easier

Last week, I was in the thick of scheduling some things for a client of mine in Atlanta.  One of the major things that I do with full time brand management is event planning.  One of the things that I was faced with last week was….the sponsor that I was doing business with had no digital invoicing system, because his clients are mainly local.  The lack of forethought into having some kind of digital invoicing system perplexed me, but was more frustrating for me was the fact that this person whom I am contemplating doing business with was not appearing to be open to making sure that the payment process was seamless and easy for me, a person that is currently not in the area but interested in what his business offers.


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With both of my brands, I use an invoicing system. My online bakery is mostly local and I still send invoices to be paid prior to any type of order from individual orders to events.  For my media brand, I absolutely use the invoicing system that is best for me as well. Not only is online invoicing easy, but it is smart.  What I love about digital invoicing is that it keeps the books for me. Whenever I need to take a look at my sales margins and to see where I did best, where I need to improve, and what time of the year is more steady or what products sold the best or the least, my invoicing system has that information available for me so that I don’t have to do the extra work.


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So after this exchange with the business in ATL, I realized that I had to write about it.  Below are 4 digital invoicing systems that help your business, aid in the ease of the customer experience, and overall make your life easier when it comes to dealing with non-local clients (great for local clients as well).



  1. Square

Square is the system that I currently use and I absolutely LOVE it. Square does a supreme job in account management as it pertains to yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily sales margins.  You can go back and refer to any part of any year (that you’ve had your account, of course) and take a look at what has happened.  This is also a fabulous tool in determining future sales margins and markups as well.  When I do my taxes, I pull up my Square Dashboard because everything is already there. Square also has a card swiper tool that connects to your phone and is absolutely free.  There are other products such as POS tools and more that are also available. Upon payment, this system also sends out a receipt to your email as proof of payment.


There is no software. It is a website and there is also an app that connects to it.  Cost per each transaction starts off at 2.7% per invoice and after the introductory period, it’s 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction (varies for swiping and keyed POS -point of sale- transactions. They also have a Payroll feature for small businesses with paid staff as well.


  1. PayPal

Everyone knows about PayPal, but many don’t know how the Business end of PayPal works. As such, many people use the Friends and Family option, which keeps the transaction free.  However, PayPal as a business invoicing system keeps account management as well, which, as stated above is great for your business needs from a legal standpoint and a marketing one as well. Upon payment, this system also sends out a receipt to your email as proof of payment.


The transaction fee to get your payment sent to your checking account is a whopping 5% though, but business accounts have more options, incentives, and services overall.


  1. Wave

Wave is another great digital invoicing system that has a free software download and great accounting services for small businesses. It’s an easy to use platform, which is also nice. Upon payment, this system also sends out a receipt to your email as proof of payment.



The cost per transaction for Wave is also 2.9% + 30 cents. There are also payroll options with this tool as well.


  1. ZipBooks

Much like Wave, ZipBooks is an invoicing and accounting SOFTWARE tool which can help you to tool your business in the right direction on the financial front.  Upon payment, this system also sends out a receipt to your email as proof of payment.


This is also a free software, but with a small fee for transactions.  The payment methods vary here, which determine the amount the service charges.


There are tons of online digital invoicing tools and systems.  There are so many in this day and age that if you do your research, I am sure that you are bound to find one that works best for you and your needs. Economically, digital invoicing is the best bet.  They are safe, secure, and help to offer a better customer experience for your consumer.  You want to make their experience as simple as possible when it comes to paying securely and this is a sure-fire way to do so.


If you are a small business owner or brand and would like to schedule a consult for your small business or info on business management options, click HERE! Chat with you soon!



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