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Preparing Your Business for the Last Quarter of 2016 - Mallori Symone

Preparing Your Business for the Last Quarter of 2016

There are officially less than 12 weeks left of the year and as we plan to wrap it up, the best way to do that is on a good, strong note so that we can prepare our business or businesses for the year ahead.

Granted, there are several things to consider when we plan our Last Quarter.  The three major points are: Brand Development, Goal Setting, and Delegation and having a clear scope of each of these three points will help you to segue out of 2016 on a good note and transition into the new year with a clear perspective, plan, and purpose for what’s ahead.

Brand Development

As you lay out the ground work for the final weeks of the year, take a look at what you have accomplished so far within the year and ask yourself, “Did I reach my goals that I set for myself?” If you have not, take a look at the things you have achieved and determine what is needed in order to still end the year strongly.  For example, if your goal by year’s end was to amass triple your follower count and engagement on social media, have you seen any growth in your follower count since January? If you have seen growth, keep up your current plan and end the year on a good note, with the peace of mind that you have achieved the goal of increase, but keep in mind that you did not reach those development goals and that for the new year, you would like to reach or go beyond those same benchmarks.  Develop a plan to start early on those goals by testing new strategies



Remaining consistent in what you have done all year as it pertains to your brand is important.  Keep the consistency up.  At the same time, when planning the first half of the new year, assess what you want your new goals to be by being realistic and honest about where you are presently.  If you have analyzed your numbers and have a clear conclusion of what you’d like to achieve for the new year, write things down.  Turn your creative mind on and get to work. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Do I need a new logo?
  • Do I need to update my website?
  • How is my content? Do I need to be more consistent in my content development?
  • Will I have webinars? Will I sign up for webinars?
  • How will I market myself in the new year?
  • What will be my networking approach? What are the resources available to me?
  • Will I create commerce (products and services for purchase) or add to my current product line in the new year that I never did before?


Goal Setting

Brand strategizing definitely includes goal setting but goal setting in general is setting both realistic and ambitious goals for yourself as it pertains to your brand’s overall success.  This includes the success of your professional brand strategy but also includes other factors like financial goals, progressive brand goals, and individual goals in health, spirituality, family, and intimate relationships.  Everything that you do is a connection of your brand, because your brand is you, in intangible form. So think—what are the goals that you want to achieve for YOU.



Planning the Last Quarter and preparing for the new year should include taking a good realistic look at what you have and have not accomplished by this point, diving head-first into the areas that require the most attention, and planning the new year with a fresh perspective and a clear idea of how you will tackle your goals and get them met, potentially before the dates that you set them for. I recommend planning your first 6 months of the new year within the Last Quarter of the current year with realistic dates set for each goal to get met.  Setting goals realistically with an ambitious mindset will help you to achieve those goals ahead of the proposed time, because you’ve already decided that your original date (the realistic date) is just a date that you would LIKE to meet said goal.  However, you want to be ambitious and reach those goals AHEAD of the proposed time. Planning ahead helps to reach this goal and it also helps to creatively get into this mindset as well.



After you’ve analyzed your Brand Development strategies and your Goals have been set, you need to be honest with yourself- Do you need to delegate some tasks to help you reach your goals? Do you need to outsource your social media management, content development, or your shopping and research? Maybe you could stand to hire someone for your business accounting? Or maybe you need an administrative assistant? Whatever it is that you need assistance on, take a look at your goals and your plans and be honest with yourself.  If you delegate some tasks and get a couple of extra hands and heads involved, would this help to bring you closer to your goals? If you outsource on some of your daily or weekly tasks, could you spend that free time on your webinar or attending a networking event?

Another question to ask yourself is—do you have a consultant or a coach to help you with even being able to recognize if you need to hire/outsource an intern or a paid professional for the things you need done? Having a coach/consultant is vital in my opinion because this person oft acts as a business partner that can be another pair of eyes and helps you to see the things you need before you do.  In what ways can and should you invest in your brand to help you propel in your business, have a greater ROI financially, and have greater peace of mind at the end of the day?


When we are planning for the Last Quarter and for the first half of the new year, these are the things that we need to look at, assess, and amend where necessary.  The three components of brand development, goal setting, and delegation are very important and serve as consistent working areas that will always need to be addressed and confronted at various points of the year.  The key is to remain consistent and always be honest in your brand.


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