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Being a Vessel in 2018 - Mallori Symone

Being a Vessel in 2018

We are a few days in on the new year and this year, as I draw closer to my life’s purpose and hone on what drives me, I realize that my personal goal overall is to be a vessel and to continue to inspire, encourage, motivate, and support others.


I have realized in the last couple of years that one of the things that really drives me is making people happy, giving gifts, inspiring and encouraging others in any way, and being a form of support for others on their journeys, whatever their journeys may be. As a woman that has gone thru several different types of trenches and that continues to improve in all areas (with intention), one of the most important things for me is to make sure that I do what I can to help others, even in a small way. Whether the goal is to help them along in their entrepreneurship journey by offering business development consultations, helping them with their financial awareness, seeing their eyes light up with my delicious baked goods, giving them of a gift of something they would love and appreciate, or simply being a proverbial “ear” for them to vent and help them to find a solution, my motto is to “leave others better than you found them”.  It is super important for me to be impactful in some, obviously positive, way.


...my motto is to “leave others better than you found them” Click To Tweet


So as 2018 goes on, I want to really hone in on any and everything that could continue this trend I’ve created for myself.  I want to continue being impactful to young adults.  I want to keep doing the work needed as a mentor for Domestic Violence victims and survivors.  I want to continue my support with mental health awareness within the black community. As a hard of hearing woman, I want to continue my own work and support within the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities to help continue to bridge the gap between the disabled and the able-bodied. I want to move forward with preaching the “gospel” of being gracious, showing and exuding gratitude, being more selfless, and exhibiting myself as a woman of growth, honor, perseverance, and standards. I want to be the type of woman that knows she will always be a work in progress, but also be humble and mature enough to know the absolute importance of gratitude in all things, because in any situation that I am in, there is ALWAYS a reason to be thankful.  Always.


at the BlogHer conference last year in Orlando, Florida


Conversely, I want to continue to be a woman that speaks up when something is not okay or right.  The woman that honors and supports self-care of all forms. The woman the refuses to support our culture’s favs based on the egregious and harmful acts they have committed against other women, especially black women.  I want to continue to be the super supporter of all things black, including entertainment, endeavors, and entrepreneurship, both online and off.



I want to continue to be my best self and aim for my best life.

2018, let’s go!

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