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The Death of the Comfort Zone - Mallori Symone

The Death of the Comfort Zone

I am a woman that craves comfort and familiarity. I like to be settled and I ask lots of questions when I am unsure of something. I like to have all of the information to be as proactive as I can be just in case anything arises.  The Comfort Zone is my area of ease and well…….comfort.


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This year though, I have decided to challenge that comforting space I am so accustomed to.  I have decided to bend my own personal rules and norms and push myself even further.  Doing this has undoubtedly resulted in my being occasionally self-conscious, some tremendous fears surfacing and re-surfacing, and overall anxiousness to the nth degree.


They say to “trust the process” because it is the process that breeds the results, the success, the achievements, and the accolades.  For me, though, I am impatient and I am keenly aware of this.  At times it is difficult for me to “trust the process” when that process includes the pitfalls of fear, loneliness, and (in some cases), failure.  I’m not really prepared for those pitfalls in all of their glory, even though I know that it is those pitfalls that would most definitely breed a stronger and more secure Mal on all fronts.  In many respects, I feel like I have had more than enough of my share of challenges, stalling moments, and tests.  But I made this promise to myself to hop out of the comfort zone that I spent so much time cultivating to my liking, and jump, feet first.  I dislike breaking my own promises, so I am doing what I said “trusting the process” in all of its topsy turvy glory.


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Luvvie did a TedTalk on the importance of hopping out of the ease of the Comfort Zone in order to get to the next step and really push ourselves in a way that we may not even be prepared for initially but that we believe would create such an impact that it would inspire others to do the same. I was incredibly inspired by that TedTalk and though I had already committed to leaving my comfort zone before her TedTalk, seeing her video solidified for me just how important it is to leap with intention, in spite of the fear and discomfort that leaping comes with.


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A large portion of this year is dedicated to me leaping with intention and moving in a way where I am perpetuating my own fear and uncertainty on purpose.  But I am really at a place where though this discomfort is already real and it is only January, I am determined to move forward and see everything out.  Keeping in my mind that my own growth personally and professionally is the ultimate and continuous goal helps me to make wiser and more forward-moving decisions, consistenly.  And even with this steadily at the forefront of my thoughts, that fear is ever-present.  I’ve decided that in spite of that, fear is inevitable and continuing onward and literally pushing through is the absolute only way to get to the prizes I am seeking.


Here’s to the Death of the Comfort Zone! #GetUncomfortable2018!

2 comments on “The Death of the Comfort Zone”

  1. Shaun says:

    This is the mantra for 2018. Make the leap.

    1. Jennifer Hugger says:

      I needed this in every way. I’m finally trusting God and not Man. Working hard and truly chasing my dreams will be… uncomfortable in many cases but the end result will be priceless. Death to the comfort zone for me as well!

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