Increasing my Energy Vibrations to Increase my Life

Over the years, I have become an extremely spiritual person. While I do not align myself to a set religion any longer (and haven’t in a really long time), my spiritual health continues to strengthen. For me, it is very important that I have a spiritual connectedness and understanding that I follow consistently.


For me, vibrational energy is extremely important. I am constantly trying to tap into my own energy and become more and more intentional with everything that I do. Whenever I feel myself blocked in some way, there are a few things I do to realign myself spiritually.  These things have helped to keep me focused, present, and grateful for my here and now and for the future I am building:

  1. Writing Things Down –

Writing things down is so important to me.  I have several physical notebooks all over the place, in addition to digital notepads on my phone.  Writing keeps me on task and mindful of my goals. Whenever I find myself having a hard time “pushing thru”, breaking up my goals into smaller day to day goals is more helpful and attainable for me than weekly or monthly goals.  I have found that when I at least have day to day goals, I am active and in tune with my energy overall.  This helps me tremendously.


  1. Intentional Planning –

I talk a lot about planning, but realized recently but my own planning methods were not intentional.  And if I wasn’t being intentional, I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked to be.  This entire year, I have committed myself to the intentional plan, which begs me to be more on purpose than ever before.  Anything I do and plan to do is for a more immediate purpose and point tenfold.  Moving with intention has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in 2018.


  1. Being Present and Honest –

I have always been a very honest person, but being present in the here and now is another way to be intentional that I’m learning to perfect more and more.  Being present includes making self-care a prime priority of my life and taking the occasional break from social media from time to time. Sometimes enjoying the moment is the best part of the day.  Being present and honest also begs self-awareness and forces you to be conscious of yourself in relation to others.  I wrote on self-awareness and self-actualization here.


  1. Practicing Visualization –

I am a very visual person. That said, practicing visualization for the life I am working on has been so important.  As I hone in comfortably in the 30s life, visualizing and being intentional and allowing has been both my saving grace as well as my truth.  Jim Carey spoke on visualization on Oprah a long time ago and ever since I saw that video, I have been stuck on the concept of Visualization since.


  1. Tweak and Measure –

Any goal worth attaining requires constant tweaking and adjustments along the way, whilst also keeping to the overall picture.  I’ve learned the powerful tool of Allowing and how doing so helps to not just manifest your goals, but also to help you to manifest and discover goals and dreams you didn’t know you had.


  1. Gratitude –

Graciousness and Gratitude are soooooooo important for me.  I will admit that sometimes I do not always practice gratitude whenever I am not feeling my best, but I do try to make a conscious effort to be more gracious each day.  Being gracious is essential because if you can’t appreciate where you are in the present – the here and now – how can you be deserving and appreciate the plans for the future.  Being happy and grateful, no matter the circumstances is super important.



Increasing my Vibrational Energy is a prime component to me reaching the goals I am currently working on. This year, I vowed to be more intentional, pro-active, visual, and gracious and day by day, I am more and more proud of the progress I have made.


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