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Black Pride: The Most Inspiring Black Women Entrepreneurs - Mallori Symone

Black Pride: The Most Inspiring Black Women Entrepreneurs

As a fellow entrepreneur, I am always on the look out to see what other black entrepreneurs and self-made women are doing.  It is a habit of study, ritual, and inspiration that I get from watching the work of other women in my field and in other fields as we silently and even loudly chug along, boast and share in our wins, talk openly about our individual struggles in this lifestyle, and praise each other for the commendable work that we contribute to the community in any way possible. Of my favorites, I tend to study their work ethic, admiring from afar, cheering them on as I see them reach their goals and memorable milestones and share in a sisterhood of relation, elation, joy, and pride.


There are many black women entrepreneurs that I love, but these are by far some of my favorite cluster of women that (for me) epitomize “Goals” as it pertains to achievement, sustainability, and relevance.  The sisterhood is deep with support and I am glad to be an active supporter of their accomplishments.


  1. Myleik Teele – Founder and CEO of curlBOXmytaugtyou.com

I first started paying attention to Myleik when another friend recommended her snapchat because her content is superb.  Myleik is extremely knowledgeable in business development, financial education, food and health, and personal principles in love, relationships, and life balance.  I’m inspired by her work ethic, drive, and her truth that she shares in her snaps and on twitter.  She also has a super valuable podcast where she dishes on many different topics including love, business, travel hacks, and personal development.



  1. Chatoya Antwoine – Founder of a la Carte Galore and Creative CoLabcreativecolab.co

I met Chatoya when she lived here in Chicago in 2015 at the grand opening event for Empire Life Magazine, of which I am also a Contributor.  For Chatoya to be so young, she is indeed wise beyond her years.  With a focus in Accounting, Chatoya was fortunate to sustain not one but two businesses, which are still fairly new, and uproot her life from Chicago all the way to Atlanta as a full-time entrepreneur.  I am inspired by her unwavering tenacity, planning perfectionist methods, and overall focus and fortitude that she possesses to be a powerhouse for the Planning field.



  1. Issa Rae – Creator and author of The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl and the hit cable show, Insecure issarae.com

Issa Rae is one of those names in the social media world that many people know instinctively by this point.  I remember watching her Awkward Black Girl series on YouTube, so when she was given a deal for the hit show Insecure some years later, after honing her craft onscreen as a creative, a writer, and a force to be reckoned with in entertainment, I was not surprised.  However, it was Insecure that created a peak level of inspiration for me.  Over the years, she has owned the titles of writer, director, producer, and web series creator. Watching her story unfold over the years has been amazing and I honestly can’t wait to see what other accomplishments and goals she reaches.


  1. Luvvie Ajayi – writer, author of the New York Times Best Seller I’m Judging You, digital strategist, and social activistAwesomelyLuvvie.com


I’ve known Luvvie for over a decade, way back when many of the people in the blog world (myself included) started our blogging from MySpace and then carried it over to BlogSpot.  Those were the days.  Over the years, I have watched her grow immensely. As one of the people that was “shooting in the gym”, her growth has been so incredible to witness that each of her wins literally feels like we all win.  It feels like a personal experience because her community of fans – LuvvNation celebrate in her wins, start a riot when someone crosses her in the blogger and journalism world, and support her, pray for her, and genuinely genuinely want to see her….WIN! It is an amazing community to be a part of and to witness.  The sisterhood and the connection are all very familial and just right.  Luvvie’s work ethic is impeccable.  Her knowledge base in the digital field is unmatched. And her drive is sickening.  In fact, just yesterday, it was announced that her book, I’m Judging You has been opinioned by Shonda Rhimes of Shondaland Productions and will be turned into a cable series.  Talk about #blackgirlmagic goals! So proud of her!



  1. Courtney Sanders – Founder of Think & Grow Chickthinkandgrowchick.com

I absolutely love the Think & Grow Chick brand.  From helpful journey-laying methods in finding your purpose to courses in saving, budgeting, and building an accountability net, amongst other very useful information, the Think & Grow Chick brand that Courtney has created over the years has been nothing short of purposeful, impactful, and focus-driven—all the tips needed for a woman to acquire and maintain success in her chosen field.



  1. Mattie James – Lifestyle Blogger and Coachmattieologie.com

I first found Mattie on Periscope when I would do my routine business-focused videos.  She was in my niche so I was constantly being tagged to and sent her videos to join in.  One morning I finally decided to watch one of her Periscope videos and I loved it!  Her penchant for value-based content and gems were a strong focal point of her brand, making her a valuable resource on blogging and how to turn it from casual to coins.  Often stressing the importance of Consistency, I took her words to heart and as I shaped my 2017, I kept her tools on Consistency in the center of my mind.  She comes equipped with masterclasses, traveling meet and greets, and a host of other things going on that I simply adore.  Learning how she makes her living expressing how to make money by doing what you love is inspiring for many women that would love to do the same thing.



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