Self-Care for Spring, Cleaning from the Outside-In

For the past couple of years, I have really become more and more spiritual.  I do not identify myself as religious, but I have a strong belief in the Universe and a “Higher Power” which governs our world and beyond.  The last couple of years, I have gotten stronger in this belief and it has driven my need for intentionality within all aspects of my life.

As the spring season has embarked itself upon us, many of us are cleaning our homes, cars, and work spaces in an effort to “start fresh” and rid ourselves of the damning effects that winter brought.  Many times we do not clean these areas with intention and in turn, we do not focus on “cleaning” our spiritual selves in the same ways that we do the very areas we frequent. Heres some tips on getting spring ready from the outside in which in turn improves you from the inside out.



  1. People –

In this self-care era and as women are final beginning to really value themselves as a greater priority to everything else, this is the most important for a lot of people, and for good reason.  Filtering your digital and live social spaces from negativity, distrust, and overall poor and stressful vibes does wonders on the psyche and spirit overall.  This is a huge method of intention for many people, because the environment  you are in helps to shape your overall mood, confidence, and your motivation level.


Fill your daily spaces with people that support, encourage, and take pride in their friendship and connection to you.  In turn, make yourself more available, resourceful, and valuable to others, so that you can pour into others as well as they pour into you.


  1. Places –

The activities we partake in and the places we frequent often really help to shape our perspectives as well. If you are in an unhealthy or abusive environment, consider leaving.  Even if you can not up and quit that job you hate or leave that abusive and uninspiring relationship, make a plan and make it plain.  If social media stresses you out, yet is used to leverage your businesses and brand, make a habit of scheduling posts to help lessen your time actively on the app.


  1. Journal –

I talk so much about making plans and being proactive in your day and goals that it is a second-nature occurrence.  Journaling your day and jotting down things you loved AND hated about the day, ways you wish to improve, and goals you would like to achieve and WHY you would like to achieve them promotes some serious intentionality and helps to heighten your perspective. You will also continuously look forward to watch yourself achieve everything you are setting out to do.


  1. Clothing 

The clothes we wear are a representation of how we feel about ourselves.  If your clothing makes you feel unmotivated and down, consider going shopping for some new and exciting threads.  Consider the colors. What are your favorite and most flattering colors?  Check this link out to learn about the importance of clothing colors and how clothes reflect your self-image.


Afterall, when we look good, we feel good. And you can make the wonderful people around you feel good as well.


This is just a small list of things that can help us to “spring clean” our spaces and everything around us for our benefit.  Taking this as a self-care challenge, consider going down this list and putting a bit of these things in motion for a great, motivating, productive, and results-inducing Quarter 2 and beyond

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