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Setting Up My 2017... - Mallori Symone

Setting Up My 2017…

For many people, the previous year was wonderful, marked with accomplishments, and goals exceeded and excelled. And for others, the year was a drag, a detriment, and a disturbance. However your year 2016 turned out, it is now a new year, which means a new chance to meet new and exciting goals and aspirations!

Because the previous year wasn’t great for me, I took a step back and reassessed my approach and started preparing and planting the seeds for 2017 in October. And due to the planting of those seeds, I noticed some trends in my methods.

There are three things that I kept to the forefront of my mind as I began the process of setting up my 2017:




Last year, I started really reading on the power of Visualizing and the Law of Attraction. It is extremely important to see your goals as realistic, attainable, and possible. It is also extremely important to keep positive energy and perspectives surrounding your vision.  With these things in mind, you direct your energy in a positive way and your goals become actionable and workable.  They come to fruition.


One thing that I got very familiar with doing was speaking my goals into existence.  Throwing out positive vibes and energy towards my goals makes them grow, allows them to manifest, and makes them happen.  I fully believe that everything that I want will come to fruition.  Why? Because the seeds I have been planting are beginning to grow already.  Vision.  Visualizing.  Manifesting.

Keeping my wins and even my losses close to my chest helps 
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Another thing that I practiced was I kept my goals and actions close to my chest, only sharing my wins and even my losses with my biggest supporters within my family and friends.  This is really important because there is a real method to my “madness” and apparent “secretiveness”.  I am indeed, for all intents and purposes a “real Gs move in silence” type of person and the reason for that is because not everyone is in my corner—not everyone wants to see me win—not everyone is very supportive and not everyone needs to be privy of the things that I am building or trying to build.  I have been a lot more intentional in my inclusion efforts within the past year and have paid very close attention to the people that I believed were in my corner and supportive and made adjustments where needed.


Just before the new year (on New Year’s Eve be exact), I sat down and created a vision board that I contemplated on starting last October.  I included the four largest goals I wish to achieve with the sub-details of those goals written away in my journal.  Seeing my vision board live and in color every day in my room helps me to achieve my goals in a day to day format. I see it and I know that each day, I am tolling away and working with a purpose in achieving those goals, one by one or even simultaneously in some respects.  This has been one of the largest lessons for me to date.


My favorite book on visualizing and manifesting your goals is: Ask and It Shall Be Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks


  1. DETOX

I gotta say—detoxing the mind of negative people, unhealthy foods, and unhealthy or limiting self-talk has worked wonders on my overall energy output, input, and my sense of self.  I have learned that the old saying is true—misery loves company and once I decided not to give my good energy to the negative, positive actionables starting directing themselves to me.  That has been such an important and consistent takeaway for me.

I have read a bit on chakras and have studied the foods that help to open the chakras of certain parts of the body, which help to aid in positive energy input and output and an overall calmer and more connected sense of self.

My favorite book on Chakras and self connectedness as it relates to energy, yoga, and chakras is Chakras for Beginners by Michael Williams




Goals are seen thru when you are consistent and persistent.  This is something that I had to learn as well over the last couple of years, not just the last year.  As an entrepreneur that has “hopped all over the place” from baking to massage therapy to media work and writing to other avenues, I had to learn the sheer simplicity and importance of being consistent in order to see any worthy change that I sought.  Nothing worth having is immediate and success is a continued and consistent effort, so as I continue to set up my 2017 in the first week of the year, I keep consistency next to me at all times and aim to build upon all of my goals in a consistent and persistent fashion.

One of my favorite inspo-bloggers that always pushes consistency all up and thru her posts and my email is Mattieologie.  She is amazing continues to push the importance of consistency from her morning Periscope videos to her weekly emails to her blog courses.


Here’s to a prosperous, proud, and positive year for everyone!


-M Symone

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