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What 2016 Taught Me..... - Mallori Symone

What 2016 Taught Me…..

This year has been a whirlwind of emotion and even confusion to say the least.  I was affected by heartbreak, personal loss, family loss, money worries, and any other negative thing you could think of.  2016 was not “my year”.

And though I was riddled with lessons on lessons and my faith was tested over and over again, I still managed to get back up, wipe my tears and frustration, give myself some space to reflect and take those lessons with me to learn from and never make again.

2016 was challenging as all get out but it wasn’t all bad.  In 2016, I made strong business connections within both Chicago and Atlanta, I expanded a bit in my media and consulting business, and I loved well and earned favor.

There are five very important lessons that I learned in 2016. I’d like to share them.




In 2016, I learned…….


  • Challenges are a part of the Makeup of Life this sounds extremely cliché, I know. But it’s something that I didn’t quite understand until I actually found myself riddled with so many challenges that it felt as if there were little to no good moments. Understanding that “this is Life” was eye-opening and very much a test and although I kept being tested, I don’t believe that I failed any of those tests.  In some way, I recognize that I needed these challenges. They have and are continuously making me stronger.


  • The Thirties are a time of Self-Discovery – Man! Don’t let anyone under 30 tell you that they know everything about anything or even themselves. The thirties is where everything sinks in. The thirties are what’s real.  I have mind to believe that the twenties is literally an extended version of your teenaged years.  The only difference is you may have more working experience under your belt or your degree or you may even be a parent now, but until you’re 30?! Self-discovery and “real life” happens after 30.  Don’t let a soul tell you otherwise.


Self-discovery and “real life” happens after 30. Click To Tweet

  • Heartbreak Hurts but so does Harping I spent much of the summer of this year heartbroken over a love loss and it wasn’t until the end of the summer where I snapped out of it, got over it, and begin to really say, “Mal, you’re way too dope for this!” Once I said that, I literally did everything that I said I would do for the year. I found myself in the air or on the road between Atlanta, Georgia, Nashville, Tennessee, and downstate IL for MUCH of the last two quarters of the year.  I spent so much time to traveling that people began to get jealous that I was on a steady vacation when really, I have been working nonstop!  Fact is, I work for myself and my clients are dispersed and when I am traveling, more often than not, it is business-related to my media brand. )Hopefully I can take a vacation in 2017 though, but it isn’t a big priority for me)


  • Focus and Fortitude can easily be derailed but it doesn’t make you a Failure because of the challenges I was faced with this year, my focus wavered in some respects (most notably this summer). Once I understood that challenges were a part of Life, I began to realize that just because I may have succumbed to some challenges doesn’t mean that I’ve failed.  I have been learning to adjust to the challenges and keep my focus in tact in spite of.  It is a process and I am welcoming it.


  • A Higher Power is Necessary in All Things this one, I have always known, but this year I have come away from your typical bible teachings. I have relied on my personal relationship with the Spirit to guide me directionally in all of the things that I have been faced with and to help see me thru in everything.  This year, my faith got incredibly strong and I am grateful for that.


I wish Prosperity and Blessings to all in 2017! May this upcoming year be your best year yet!


Mallori Symone


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