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Why I've cut down on being so plugged into political issues this year - Mallori Symone

Why I’ve cut down on being so plugged into political issues this year

I have always considered myself to be very socially conscious.  Since before the first Bush Jr. administration of the early 2000s, I have always taken pride in being very aware in the details regarding our political climate with respect to the African-American diaspora as well as the rest of the country.  I have been a part of the Obama for Change initiatives when Obama ran for office in both 2008 and 2012, by helping to get unregistered voters ready for the polls in Indiana.  I have also spent time debating, educating, and discussing politics for as long as I can remember.  It is a subject that I am deeply impassioned about because no matter which way the pie is sliced, politics affect our economy and our world directly and indirectly.

But after trump was announced as President-elect, something in me broke.

And after he was sworn in on Inauguration Day, that something that broke, broke further.



The last presidential cycle exhausted me in a way that was physically and mentally unhealthy.  I found myself constantly flabbergasted after each debate, regaling finally in simply laughing and making fun of the things that I was seeing and hearing because to stay in a perpetual and consistent state of annoyance and anger is tiresome and negative. Sometimes it is a defense mechanism to make light of the absolute clusterfuck we see, but in hindsight, I knew – my spirit was breaking away.  And when trump was officially sworn in, I realized that that “break” was real and I have not been able to fully “repair” since.

During Debate season, I wrote a post on how the debates are “clown shoes“.  Because what I was watching on my television screen was comparable to what I would see in a circus – the only difference being that the people participating in the Presidential Debate were conservatively dressed.

Since his swearing in, my usual impassioned nature of social issues, most specifically with politics, started dying down and I could feel it.  To this day, it is beyond my comprehension how 53% of white women voted for a man that is 100% against their interests.  Not only that, the presidency has indeed become more of a soap opera than a presidency.  Every other day, we are shown that we have a petulant child in office that makes rash and harmful decisions and every other day, I lose more hope in this country.  From the Healthcare Bill crisis to the Transgender Ban in the Military, the attempted Travel Ban and other such nonsense, I’ve grown exhausted to the point where it is now difficult for me to muster a care.  It is difficult for me to stay plugged in.  It is difficult for me to be so vocally against this administration and everything that has taken place when much like a popular television show, once one storyline hits you with a surprising twist, another forms and you’re glued and unable to process what just happened because you’re still trying to understand and reeling from what happened the day before!


It is all too much and my spirit is not going to allow for me to keep staying plugged into something that is clearly harmful to it.  As I have remained abreast of the issues, I am no longer able to be as mentally involved as I have always been.  Keeping self-care first and foremost has been one of the best choices I have made for myself this year.

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