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My President Gave His Farewell Speech and I am Completely Unable... - Mallori Symone

My President Gave His Farewell Speech and I am Completely Unable…

…well your president did, also.

In case you missed (or want to rewatch). #ObamaFarewell


I don’t think I have ever felt as emotional about a president or any political figure as I feel for Barack Obama. When he ran for president the first time in 2008, my best friend and I joined grassroots efforts and knocked on doors in Indiana to get unregistered voters informed and registered to vote in the upcoming election.  I talked on social media over these last eight years over his politics, his work, the legislation he said he would work to accomplish and the work he did accomplish.  It has been an absolutely incredible eight years. And I am convinced that I will never have this type of feeling over a political figure ever again.


Did Obama do everything right? No. Could he have done more, passed more bills, gotten more legislation for us black and brown bodies in America with stronger protection against unjustified killings and hate crimes based on race? Sure.  Is there still work to be done? Oh absolutely.  Obama is not without fault and he is not a pillar of perfection. However, what he IS and has proven to be is one of the fairest (if not the absolute fairest) presidents we have ever seen.  Obama operated and initiated reform against his own self interests.  Everything he did for this country was for the good and fulfillment of another group of people.  His impeccable ability to be able to see the challenges that others faced without him having to have personally experienced those challenges is a remarkable trait that I am wholly inspired by.  That ability to have complete empathy for others, no matter what their walk of life is against his own walk, is a trait that not many people possess.  And as the President of the United States, this trait has made him not only the most likable president, but the most charismatic, the most needed, and the most viable president that I believe we will ever have.

You never understand another person’s worldview until you 
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In these eight years, the Obama Administration has solidified healthcare, decreased the then-staggering unemployment rates in the nation, took down Osama bin Laden, tightened up on our military, repaired relationships with some of our most important allies, provided opportunities and support for small business owners, and a host of other things, including legalizing same-sex marriages. While we still have lots of work to do, I can’t say that I am confident that that work will continue under the succeeding president’s forthcoming administration.  This is where I have the same empty feeling that I had in my stomach during the Bush Administration…times 300.


There is something to be said for the way that Barack looks at Michelle and the way that Michelle looks right back at him. Their love is so inspiring to the point that it is real live goals.  When I see them on camera looking at each other, not with lust, but with pure respect, care, admiration, honor, dedication, and………..love, I get absolutely weak in the knees.  Their love is goals.  Their connection and their bond and their entire chemistry are goals.  The Obamas have set the margins high and wide as they are the real-life Huxtables we have all admired our entire lives.  At this point, while I work to be the very best Michelle that I can be, I will no longer accept anything even remotely less than a Barack (in his own right). Because……….goals.


Their love is foolishly amazing.  I look at Barack and Michelle and scoff at other couples. No one compares.  No one.  That’s the love I want.

The brotherhood of Barack and Joe is also goals.  We should all aspire to have that one friend that is in our corner, in full support, ready to fight and raise hell at a moment’s notice, and protect the fort to keep you prospering at the front.  That is the brotherhood of Barack and Joe.  Their bond and friendship is a bromance that is healthy, joyous, and filled with the best intentions.  They want each other to win and they support each other to make sure the other wins.  That’s an amazing friendship.


From here…

To know and completely understand where we are as a country to the point that we voted in the direct and paling opposite of the greatness that is the Obama Administration is heartbreaking and it gets me raw in my feelings and a lump in my throat. Knowing that Obama’s successor was voted in as a result of hate that was dormant, fear that was enveloped, and stupidity that was supported across the board makes me angry. It enrages me that we have a successor that would rather have “twitter fingers” and argue with strangers or blast celebrities that talk about him via tweet than to actually be a vessel and prepare himself for the tremendous tasks of being the frontrunner of the country.  It is amazing to me that the collective has succumbed to (and accepted) Obama’s successor being a racist, rapist, supremacist, and misogynist, fear mongering, hate mongering, xenophobic, and homophobic jerk.  And there are people – many people- that agree that this person is well suited and should be supported. Everything is stupid and nothing makes sense.


I am going to miss the Obamas in the White House.  During this time, we have had the blackest, liveliest, most culturally sound, most modern, and most hip pair for the past 8 years.  We will never have that again. Ever. Besides being a likable pair, the Obamas cared.  They genuinely care about the well-being of the country and the people.  They genuinely want a better nation and worked on it respectively, yet together at the same time.  While Barack was helping to handle the country with his Cabinet and Congress (whenever they cooperated), Michelle also became heavily involved with organizations for children and young adults on certain initiatives such as child healthcare and specific diseases.  Their work has been steady and their catalog was a mile or two long way before they ever entered the White House.  I don’t ever want to see them leave and I even asked twitter if we could make some kind of exception and bring them back in 2020 because 4 years of Cheeto is just too damn long.  I am distraught and upset.  I don’t want my president to leave!

For the audio and transcript of Obama’s Farewell Speech —-> HERE

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