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The Presidential Debate is Clown Shoes! - Mallori Symone

The Presidential Debate is Clown Shoes!

Tonight, as I watched the second Presidential Debate featuring moderators, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC News’ Martha Raddatz conducting the debate of presidential hopefuls Senator Hillary Clinton and media’s human orangutan donald trump, one thing became abundantly clear:


This debate (and the entire election cycle, for that matter) is clown shoes.

It is a perpetual circus watching the debates and I realized early on that in order for me to aptly prepare to watch it, I must have wine on deck at all times. You see, watching trump repeatedly dodge each and every question by giving a half answer or not answering at all and then pointing the focus squarely on his opponent with regards to an issue that the question was not even on is a sight to behold but it is better  beholden when there is alcohol involved.

Watching the two opponents dig into each other’s proverbial heels is entertaining at best but gives me a headache and makes me nervous at worst.  Because at the end of the day, we all have to admit that this is not a drill, this is not Saturday Night Live, this is not a television program for entertainment.  This is, in fact, a real election cycle in which ONE of these people will be able to call themselves President of the United States. And this frightens me because both of these people are absolutely poor choices for one reason or another. And neither one is the best candidate for the job completely.

But even though neither one is the best candidate, one thing that cannot be denied, in my opinion, is the comparisons between the two.  Though both Hillary and trump have their faults and most people cannot curl all the way over for Hillary, what is real is…..Hillary, when compared to trump, is a much, much better option.  While Hillary has admitted to making egregious mistakes in the past with regards to emails and during her husband’s presidency, trump’s rhetoric, behavior, and out and out racist and abusive banter and persona at large is a threat not only to the American people, but to the world as a whole, if he were to become president.  There is no way to take him seriously when he cannot and purposely does not answer any question, dodges each and every inquiry, and deflects all issues that are imposed onto him one by one.  He is like the ringleader of a circus that only he orchestrates and though everyone else (from the moderators to his opponent and even to the town hall participants) are trying to take this seriously, it seems as though trump’s condescending facial expressions, free and exuberant use of the phrase “the African-Americans” or “the urban community” whenever even just looking at someone in the audience that is black, and his attack on the moderators for trivial things such as Hillary going over her time by a couple of seconds, all shows that he cannot be trusted or tamed and he is not a president make.


Instead of talking about his poll numbers, trump instead mentioned his twitter numbers and how many Facebook likes he has.


During a presidential debate for the highest seat in the country, trump trivializes issues by deflection and derailment and then points the finger at his opponent by calling to question her ability to serve as president because she was briefly ill, whilst at the same time finding himself unable to control his own sniffles in between each and every pompously-dressed breath.


look at this absolute Clown Show. These are out candidates for the highest seat in the country? k.

look at this absolute Clown Show. These are out candidates for the highest seat in the country? k.


This circus of a show is made from the fabric and the paint of that of clown shoes and it bothers me endlessly because there is so much at stake.  From choosing three new members of the Supreme Court Justice, to addressing issues within our domestic terrorism with respect to police brutality on black lives, and other issues such as healthcare and foreign policy, this is simply not a time in our country for us to have a potential candidate that has proven to be a racist, rapist, condescending, airheaded, unqualified, UNDERqualified, privileged, pompous, shallow, empty-minded asshole.  American, we need to do better.  We need to aspire for more….than this.  This is not okay.

Perhaps the best moment of the night for me was at the end when one of the “undecided” town hall members in the audience asked for both of the candidates to tell us what it is that they respected in their opponent and Hillary, answering first, says:

“I’m glad this question was asked because it is valid and important.  I respect……his children.  They are able and devoted.  I don’t agree with anything else he says or does”.

I loved this response, because it was full of shade to the most accurate degree.  How can anyone respect a man whose entire catalog is riddled in privilege, pride, and prejudiceness that incites hate and separatist tactics? I will never understand.

Indeed, because......

Indeed, because……

How did trump make it this far? I cannot even bring myself to shift and hold on the letter “T” or the “D” in order to capitalize his name because my respect is so nonexistent for him that I snatched his capital letters as well.  It is beyond my understanding how he made it this far and beat out every single opponent he had in the right wing.  It is as if the entire trump camp are a team of sabotaging trolls and came up with the most divisive and problematic tactics and slogans for fun and never really thought that he could win.  In fact, I read somewhere on a few occasions that the trump camp never prepared for him to potentially win it all, much less become the republican nominee. Everything is an accident and nothing makes sense.

Clown. Shoes.









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