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What I’ve Learned From The Government Shutdown

The government shut down imposed by none other than president donald trump lasted for over thirty days, leaving over 800 thousand government workers and aid recipients stranded and stuck, unable to pay their bills and receive the care and benefits they needed. This was all because he was so adamant about the funding he demanded […]

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Post-Presidential Election: An Ode to Self-Care

It’s been a week since America went ahead and voted the internet troll, trump, for president and I have to admit—I have been in a confusing state of emotions ever since. On election night, as the electoral votes were coming in and the race went from super close to “Jesus, Hillary is really about to […]

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My Spirit is Weary: #TerenceCrutcher and the Never-Ending Hashtags

Another day, another #hashtag.  I write this piece at the brink of a cold. I’ve got a slight fever, headache, a little dizziness, runny nose, and on-again off-again fatigued that has plagued me for much of the day. Last weekend, I was away on business in Atlanta and all of last night as I boarded […]

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Passive Passages for the Careless Caucasian

Last week, digital media outlets everywhere (from the blogs to all of social media to every news outlet all over the country) went into a frenzy all because Colin Kaepernick of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers decided to sit during the National Anthem.  His decision to sit down was entirely purposeful and the end results […]

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