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The Love of the Black Woman

We, black women, are uniquely created.  For most of us, our hearts are the biggest parts of our beings. We love the hardest and with the most fervor and strength.  Our love moves mountains and answers prayers.  With our love, we have helped to convince a nation to vote its very first black president, stood […]

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Black Pride: The Most Inspiring Black Women Entrepreneurs

As a fellow entrepreneur, I am always on the look out to see what other black entrepreneurs and self-made women are doing.  It is a habit of study, ritual, and inspiration that I get from watching the work of other women in my field and in other fields as we silently and even loudly chug […]

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Hidden Figures was peak #BlackGirlMagic

Saturday night, I saw Hidden Figures with my best friend and based on the outpouring of reviews that came flooding my social media timelines the day before with nothing but positive notes, I expected a stellar production that made me proud, happy, and honored to be a black woman.  And it did not disappoint one […]

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I Took My Seat….And Enjoyed My Meal….Solange’s #ASATT is a Masterpiece!

This weekend was one of media’s blackest weekends to date.  Netflix gifted us with Marvel’s Luke Cage, the big, black, and bulletproof superhero that played an active role in its Jessica Jones series, and Solange Piaget Knowles-Ferguson dropped A Seat At The Table, a masterpiece of an album on pride, presence, and perspective, that relishes […]

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On The Shelf: I’m Judging You, by Luvvie Ajayi

Back in the days of MySpace (read: my college years – specifically around 2005-2007), a large group of us became e-friends as we shared our writings, formed groups and alliances, and had fights and doses of drama like we had known each other our whole lives. At this time, social media was still relatively new.  […]

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Our POTUS and FLOTUS on Essence October

There are very few couples in the spotlight that I am profoundly proud of and our POTUS & FLOTUS Barack and Michelle Obama are at the top of that list.   Just look at them.  They are perfection personified and when Essence dropped their latest issue of Essence, I must admit that my heart skipped […]

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