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How to Be a Better Accountability Partner

Being accountable of ourselves is so important but how do we help to be accountable for other people or help our friends be accountable for themselves, their goals, and their deadlines, whether they meet them or fall short? It’s important to understand how to be there for others while also keeping your focus tied to […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS a Contract

Lately, I have been privy to horror stories and headaches of friends and family members that have had verbal and even written agreements on social media or even just email between people they have trusted to do work for them.  When asked if they had a contract in place, the response was always, “I trusted […]

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Preparing Your Business for the Last Quarter of 2016

There are officially less than 12 weeks left of the year and as we plan to wrap it up, the best way to do that is on a good, strong note so that we can prepare our business or businesses for the year ahead. Granted, there are several things to consider when we plan our […]

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