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Body Talk: Loving the Outside

There is a new weekly show on Facebook by Jada Pinkett-Smith called Red Table Talk and it is amazing! Each week, she sits down with her mother and her daughter or special guests and talk for twenty minutes or less about an array of different issues that really touch the soul.  Last week, the trio […]

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Dear Self, It is Okay to Accept Help!

There’s this thing that was ingrained in me by my parents and everyone around me that the need to be totally self-sufficient are the ultimate life goals.  I was reared, whether intentionally or non-intentionally to always be a person that never needed to ask anyone for anything and if I did need any kind of […]

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Setting Up My 2017…

For many people, the previous year was wonderful, marked with accomplishments, and goals exceeded and excelled. And for others, the year was a drag, a detriment, and a disturbance. However your year 2016 turned out, it is now a new year, which means a new chance to meet new and exciting goals and aspirations! Because […]

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