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Self-Care for Spring, Cleaning from the Outside-In

For the past couple of years, I have really become more and more spiritual.  I do not identify myself as religious, but I have a strong belief in the Universe and a “Higher Power” which governs our world and beyond.  The last couple of years, I have gotten stronger in this belief and it has […]

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Why I’ve cut down on being so plugged into political issues this year

I have always considered myself to be very socially conscious.  Since before the first Bush Jr. administration of the early 2000s, I have always taken pride in being very aware in the details regarding our political climate with respect to the African-American diaspora as well as the rest of the country.  I have been a […]

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Maintaining Self-Care During Depression

The past week I’ve been going thru the motions a bit.  It’s been more of a challenge for me to get tasks done, stay focused, and stay alongside my schedules that I pre-plan at the beginning of each week. Sometimes I would cease working early, feeling “over it” and retire to reading, watching Netflix, or […]

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Post-Presidential Election: An Ode to Self-Care

It’s been a week since America went ahead and voted the internet troll, trump, for president and I have to admit—I have been in a confusing state of emotions ever since. On election night, as the electoral votes were coming in and the race went from super close to “Jesus, Hillary is really about to […]

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